Nathalie Taeymans

Nathalie Taeymans (°1988) finished her law study cum laude at Antwerp university in 2011. She studied at the Prague Karlovy V university for six months, within the Erasmus programme. She did her internship with DILAW GREENFIELD, under the tutelage of Steven Boeynaems. She also holds a Master in Business Law from Antwerp university, which she also obtained cum laude. She specialises in commercial law and business law. She also handles a variety of cases in the field of contract law.

She has been associate of the cvba Dilaw Greenfield since 2018.


  • Commercial law and business law.
  • Company law
  • Collections    
  • Bankruptcy law and insolvency law

Law on Services

  • Offices: EBVBA Advocatenkantoor Nathalie Taeymans
  • Company number: 0685.876.508
  • Insurance: Van Breda (contractnumber 008209/CVR14300)

Nathalie Taeymans can be reached at the following address: