Babette Steenackers

Babette Steenackers obtained her Master’s degree in law at KULeuven in 1994. She then went on and obtained an MBA in Antwerp.
She started her career with KPMG Audit, specialising in banking audits and forensic accounting.

She moved to Stremersch, Van Broekhoven en partners in 2000, a firm specialising in financial planning for private individuals and companies. She became a partner in 2005.
On 13 March 2013 she took the oath as a lawyer before the Antwerp Court of Appeal.  

She deals mainly with cases in areas related to estate planning: family property law, matrimonial property law, company law and all closely related matters.  

Babette Steenackers is an associate with CLLC Dilaw Greenfield

Law on services:

  • Offices: SPLLC Law offices Babette Steenackers
  • Enterprise number: 0874.220.814
  • Insurance: separate policy with Vanbreda 99.551.935

You can reach Babette Steenackers via email on: